General/Basic Membership and Benefits

  • Membership Application Fees: payable once by all members – N50,000
  • Annual Subscription Fees: renewable annually – N150,000.
  1. Registration as a member of FintechNGR with an issued Registration Number.
  2. Inclusion into FintechNGR’s mailing list to receive great promos, updates and events’ information.
  3. Access to FintechNGR’s innovation programs designed to accelerate product developments and promote business growth.
  4. Special discounts and offers from FintechNGR’s service partners that help members build their FinTech start-ups successfully.
  5. Discounted tickets to FinTech conferences and affiliate events.
  6. Automatic membership of FintechNGR’s networking platform where all members connect with and learn from one another through shared experiences.
  7. Access to the latest industry intelligence, including specialist sub-sector analysis, in-depth market research and exclusive industry reports.
  8. Access to FintechNGR’s network of investors and other industry leaders through matchmaking and pitch events.


Exclusive/Premium Membership Benefits:

  1. Membership Application Fees: payable once by all members – N50,000
  2. Annual Subscription Fees: renewable annually – N500,000

In addition to General Membership benefits listed above, the Premium-paying members will enjoy:

  1. Access to a personalized resource center containing Fintech-specific resources relating to legal, tax and regulatory compliance matters.
  2. Right to post corporate logo on FintechNGR’s website with the logo linked to member’s respective corporate website.
  3. Business promotion on FintechNGR’s digital platforms and social channels by sharing success stories and achievements, thus enhancing credibility and exposure to target audience.
  4. Association’s faculty – opportunity to influence policy makers at organized events
  5. Created for the purpose of discussing important policy issues directly with Government Representatives, Regulators and Corporate Partners.
  6. Right of Priority consideration for first access to FintechNGR’s network of investors.
  7. Recognition as an Exclusive Member with the accompanying right to indicate same on member’s company website.