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Since inception, the Association has consistently been interfacing with the regulators such as Central Bank of Nigeria, Security and Exchange Commission, National Insurance Commission, and the government at all levels with a view to developing the Fintech ecosystem.


Benefits of Individual Membership

Knowledge & Expertise

Be part of the FinTech Revolution. Fast track your access and understanding of the FinTech ecosystem through our members’ exclusive events, workshops and learning journeys.

Career Development

Prepare for digital transformation in the workplace. Build your career roadmap with Fintech NGR's professional development support and resources such as training programmes and job fairs.

Networking & Connecting

Connect with Nigeria’s biggest FinTech community. Leverage on NFA’s domestic network of 360+ FinTech companies and industry partners all over the country.

Exclusive benefits

Unique membership ID & Membership Certificate

Free /Discounted/Priority passes to conferences & Fintech events

Opportunity to participate in networking events

Right to vote & be voted for in governing Council member election

Access to FintechNGR member directory

Access to resources and research outcomes

Inclusion in mailing list & members WhatsApp Page

Opportunity to be part of engagements with regulators, the government and the global community

Opportunity to gain patronage for unique products/solutions and acquire unique clients

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